Supervision Of Construction

At O’Connor Architectural Design & Planning we can supervise the construction of you dwelling, looking after all construction related issues, stage payments and certification with planning and building regulations. We are also happy to provide this service if you already have your plans prepared.

  Current Project Example  

This is an example of just one of the current projects we are involved in. Following the receipt of planning permission for this house, we prepared a detailed tender package and sought quotations from a number of contractors. Work on site is due to commence within the next 2 weeks and we will be supervising all elements of the work on site. The house has been designed to achieve an A3 rating and the provisional calculations are showing a rating of 59 kwh/m2/yr.

The construction will be traditional block work with a 150mm full fill cavity and Kingspan insulated slab on the inner face. There will be 300mm of cellulose attic insulation with the insulated slab continued at ceiling level. Space heating is under floor with geothermal. It is intended to achieve an air permeability of 0.1 or 2 air changes per hour and a mechanical heat recovery and ventilation system is also being fitted. Please check our website for regular updates on the construction progress.

  See photos below: April 2010 Foundations poured, May 2010 Deadwork being built  
  See photos below: Walls being built and Roof Stage - September 2010  
  Exterior Near Completion, January 2011to Exterior Near Completion, 2012.  
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